Virtual CAO:
business coaching & consulting
Chief Analytics Officer

Analytical services in financial and process data that help you develop long-term strategic plans so your business thrives.

Wasting Time and Money?

Reports & Dashboards

Data isn’t easy to get to, is stored in multiple places within the software, or is not presented well.

Of Poor Results

Standardizing the wrong tools and processes only made it more difficult to yield the same, poor results.

Routine Tasks
Take Too Long

Employees believe most inefficient processes are simply a necessary evil.

Unnecessary Stress
Affects Decision-Making

Decisions are reactions to recurring problems, rather than responses to known risks.

Scope Creep
Is Out-Of-Control

Personnel lack effective ways to identify, communicate and manage scope creep.

Quality Assurance
Seems Non-existent

Defects and rework are causing your business to lose money and frustrate clients.

Outdated Technology & Methods could be the
root Cause.

Process Steps

Non-value adding process steps tie-up resources that could be assigned to more profitable activities.

Data Integrity

Poor habits deprive businesses of the ability to make quick, data-informed decisions.

Team Members
Don’t Have Key Info

Decision-makers don’t have the ability to make quick, data-informed decisions. Let’s review options to get data to those who need it most — in a format that makes sense to them.

Software Features

Failure to leverage software features limits your ability to differentiate your business from the competition.

Past Failures Are
Repeated — Often

Employees believe many avoidable issues are just the cost of doing business.

How Excelling Works helps you accomplish more:

Business & Decision

We use a 6-Step Approach to strategy development and implementation that enables your business to realize value sooner.

"Envision who you want to be and live it"
Business Workflow

Skillfully manage non-value adding process steps to free-up resources and reassign them to activities that support your strategic objectives.

"keep it simple unless complexity adds value"
Value-Based Project

Foster a project execution culture that empowers the team to add value — including the discretion to leverage creative and new approaches.

"nurture the creation of business value"
Business Intelligence

Digital assets, such as data, software and information systems provide the capacity to transform your business: helping you increase your ROI.

"embrace your competitive advantage"

You Work Hard To Provide Great Service.

We Help Make It Easier For You.

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Serving Clients Across the U.S.
History of Proven Solutions
Experience in Core Areas:
  • Project Management
  • Analytic Dashboards
  • Reporting & Business Analysis
  • Lean Six Sigma (Process Improvement)
  • Best Practices

Begin Saving Time & Money

Here's How it Works:


We gain alignment on goals and objectives.


We develop a solution that supports your strategy and priorities.


You take control of your business.

Services Include


Receive a professional assessment of current usage along with insights on opportunities to improve business performance by using the software more effectively.

Assessments are tailored to your business — directly supporting the strategic initiatives and objectives that matter most to you.

leanAssessment provides an affordable way to gain a quick view of how well you’re doing. Clients learn how they can use existing software to support operations and long-term, strategic goals.

(Current/Future State, SWOT, Gap Analysis)


Obtain the monitoring capabilities that are required to effectively control projects. Business leaders are presented with exceptional analytic tools — now empowered to make decisions based on real-time data.

Our team advises clients on ways to impact project management: with emphasis on the “Execution” and “Monitoring & Controlling” processes.

leanAnalytics offer streamlined communication —fewer emails, phone calls, and instant messages — by ensuring the proper tools are in place to communicate the right data, at the right time, to the right stakeholders.

(Dashboards, Reports, Email)


Consulting services that provide solutions designed to factor in a broader range of inputs — stakeholders, processes, and tools — so the magnitude of the value to the client increases.

We apply principles and methods from Business Analysis and Lean Six Sigma to develop streamlined workflows that incorporate effective-software-use.

leanWorkFlow helps clients transform how they get work done. Clients gain confidence as they gain more control through their new improvements.

(Business Process Improvement)